View Full Version : Darex M3, M4, M5 chuck needed

04-01-2019, 07:28 PM
As the title says, Im in search of a darex m3 or m4 or m5 chuck. Its 1/16-1/2 inch. Darex model number is SA03500AA or just darex 3500.
If anyone has one that they are willing to part with please PM me. Thanks.
http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z80/ahidley/Darex-Drill-Chuck-For-Darex-M3-M4_zps7edhxtzv.jpg (http://s194.photobucket.com/user/ahidley/media/Darex-Drill-Chuck-For-Darex-M3-M4_zps7edhxtzv.jpg.html)


04-01-2019, 11:27 PM
WOW! I feel for you on this one. I have an M5 with only the two standard chucks supplied with the machine so wouldn't be able to turn one loose. I thought I might get lucky and find one for you but after searching a bit it was clear there was nothing to be had.

Have you considered making one? A challenge it would certainly be but think of the fun and frustration you would have doing it. Randy Richards in the Shop a you tuber has several videos out showing making parts for his Darex. If you decide to build one and need dimensions I could provide them. I've never had either of mine apart so they probably need a good cleaning anyway.


04-02-2019, 12:32 AM
Nc5a. That would be an awsome project. I would make them but I don't have any drawings. I called darex before posting this and no luck there. If you could provide drawings I would make both chucks and be forever in your debt. The manual is downloadable from darex and has a nice exploded view of the chucks without dims of course. The manual does have instructions for disassembly for cleaning purposes....

04-02-2019, 12:37 AM
Unless you get very lucky, an M-series chuck is going to command a premium price. I think you would be better off parting out the machine you have and look for a whole new Darex which includes the chuck(s) you need.

Darex M-series chucks tend to freeze up if you neglect to maintain them. They really like ultrasonic baths.