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11-08-2004, 06:24 AM
I'm in the market for light 5" 4 jaw chuck and there is one on eBay that has a "HARDINGE TAPER LOCK" on it. I've asked the Seller for pictures of the back so I can tell just what it is.


1) I assume that the taper lock comes off easily. Is that correct?

2) Are they affixed like a normal backplate that is held on by four screws?

3) Is a Hardinge taper lock something that I can sell and recoup part of my up front cost?

4) Has anyone gotten a 5" 4 jaw chuck lately or seen ads for one at a good price?

I picked up a VERY OLD lathe that has a 7/8" X 10 TPI spindle on it. Has any one ever heard of that thread? Does anyone have any accessorise (chucks. backplates, face plates, etc.) with that configuration? Probably not but hope springs eternal in the HSM's breast!

The lathe is 8" X 24" and has two 1/2" X 10 TPI square thread lead screws on it geared together so they turn in opposite directions. They are mounted the top and bottom on the front of the lathe bed back under the ways. You just flip the feed handle on the apron in the direction that you want it to go. Kinda neat actually! I've disassembled it completely and each piece has a different number cast into it BUT NO NAME anywhere. I've even looked for a couple of small holes that might of held on a name plate at one time but no luck.

The bed is unique. It is a square CI box shape that is 4-1/4" wide by 4-5/8" tall, 40" long and it has 45* dovetail ways. The top is solid and the back is open with vertical strengthening ribs every 10". It weighs about 50-60# I'd guess; I haven't dragged the scale out to the shop yet to weigh it. The only words, (also cast in the back of the bed) are "Pattened October 15, 1887". The tailstock has the handle turn CCW to feed the ram out (not marked in 1/8" like most TSs) and it has over 4" of travel. The back of the carriage sets on the rear way just like a normal lathe. The front of the carriage rides on a 45* way that is about an inch below the front way cast into the bed and machined as one piece. I've looked at all of Tony's lathe pix at www.lathes.uk.com (http://www.lathes.uk.com) but have never seen one even close to it. It seems to have a complete set of back gears and it even came with a steady rest (thank you God!) with a 1-1/2" diameter max. opening). I can't find anywhere that the tread dial was ever mounted. No handy threaded holes or studs sticking out. Since the lead screws(s)are 10 TPI do I get a 20 tooth gear when I fabricate the thread dial? Any one got one kicking around in the bottom of their junk drawer I can buy?

It uses all American standard coarse thread fasteners so I ASSUME that it is "Made in America". The lead screws are double nutted and the jam nut(s) are 3/4" hex and radiused all the way over the outside of the nut. Looks like real old time fasteners to me.

The head stock has two bronze bearings with Gits oilers and has 45* female dovetails cut into it. It just slides on from either end of the lathe actually and is held on by two small square headed set screws that seat into the bottom of the rear way under the 45* part. It has a back geared head and a three step pully. The motor pully is wood but I've no idea if its original. Nicely crowned with raised lip (neatly turned!) on the big step to help keep the belt on. It is driven by a 1" leather belt came with the lathe.

I've got a bunch of pictures in the computer but the S/W has suddenly gone all wonky and I haven't figured how to get them out (yet). It used to work fine but.................. you know the drill.

If anyone can help in any way please feel free to contact me either here or at dunlapsville@yahoo.com.

ITYIA for any and all information and tips as to how I can find out more about this lathe. Any old stray 7/8" X 10 TPI pieces gladly accepted!

Regards, Ken

Spin Doctor
11-08-2004, 11:08 PM
#1 I did not read the whole post. This is strictly about the Hardinge Taper Lock. If this is the same as a Hardinge Taper on a HLVH Tool Room lathe or one of the second operation machines the tpaer is a 4degree per side taper on the spindle nose that th work holding item will lock on. The work olding item will ahve a set screw that has a diameter turned on it that will engage a slot on the spindle parrallel to the center line of the spindle. so far up the taper there are slots on either side that also continue towards the rear of the spindle. by turning th workholding device into one of these slots you can can lock the device on the taper. As far as I know the only other machines built with this spindle nose are clones of Hardinge lathes. Some of these chucks are mounted to seperste mounting backplates and some are solid units

11-09-2004, 07:52 PM
I would be happy to buy the taper lock back plate assuming cost was reasonable. May not come off chuck, though.