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11-11-2004, 02:27 PM
New to the board and I would like some Pros and cons on these two lathes. They look identical in the pictures. Looks like the grizzly comes with more tools. Here are some things I'm looking for in a lathe: 1 7/16 hole in head stock as a minimum, be able to work with 27" long stock, and would like to be able to thread with below 100 rpm. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

11-11-2004, 04:58 PM
There not a whole lot of difference between the two lathes. The Grizzly does come with a QCTP and a set of toolholders. I am not sure about who you call about parts and service for a Birmingham lathe. Grizzly is good about these things. They have a fast turn around on getting most parts and they will respond to email and phone requests promptly. Of course you pay a slight premium for this, but if this is a first pruchase of a lathe, it is probably worth it.

I own the HF version of this lathe and I think it is a good HSM lathe.

11-11-2004, 09:27 PM
I'm a new HSM and bought a 4003 about 6 mo ago. Nice fit, finish, no problems. Done everything from threading the od and id of a 25 cent piece-sized camera lens adaptor to turning flame cut 1/2" plate and 4" pipe.

Look at them in showroom if you can. Per page 3 in the Grizzly catalog they have a number to call to find a customer near you that has bought a similar item.

11-11-2004, 10:23 PM
Somewhere I read about a guy who crashed his new one, and Grizz. sent him all the required parts, free!
The B'ham has a nicer paint job, but can live w/the green

11-12-2004, 06:40 PM
Enco has the same lathe in 13x40 size with free cabinet and shipping for $2894.95. HF catalog also has the 13x40 in the same lathe for $2149.99 with cabinet for $229.99 plus shipping. Our local HF store has the smaller lathe for under $2000.
I bought the Enco lathe a little more than a year ago. Free transportation... So far I am happy with it. I like Grizzly's tool post better.
If you get the cabinet look at turning the center panel around. On my lathe there was a usable shelf when it was reversed.

P A Lux

02-13-2015, 07:22 PM
I know it is an old post but Here is the Birmingham YCL-1236GH Parts Manual (http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/YCL-1236GH.pdf) part number look the same as the older Grizzly 4003 manual.