View Full Version : Bead Blast Cabinets,

08-17-2001, 06:08 PM
Hi Guy's .Can those of you who have been sucessfully operataing Bead Blast Cabinets please advise me in the correct method of set up for the Rubber Tube / Dual Metal Pipe unit that attaches to the front of the Hand Gun unit & suppossedly is inserted in the Sand or Beading Medium, My Question is should the area where the hose meets the dual pipe section(Telescoped ) be totally submerged in the blast Medium or should the end of the pipe with the junction be above the medium surface & fully exposed ???? I have been haveing problems with my medium sized Grizzly look a like Cabinet unit. even though the Compresor far exceeds the supply needs & demands in all respects for the Cabinet;

I have been told both situations are the cause of my problems.?????

All suggestions & recommendations will be greatly appreciated,

Best Regards, Jack Erskine