First Post

  1. George Bulliss
    Figured I better toss something out there to see what it looked like...
  2. nc5a
    Reply to first post from George to test the waters. Just testing the edit function.
  3. George Bulliss
    Looks to be working.

    I have it set to "invite only" and I will need to do the invite, at least I don't think you will have the option. Not sure if it's just admins that can invite or if other members can.

    If you want to send a list of user names along, I'll get them invited. Poke around a little bit and let me know if there is anything I can do; change title, etc.
  4. Needcoffee
    Thanks for setting this up.
  5. Needcoffee
    Thanks for setting this up.
  6. 3512b
    Looks like I am in!
    Steve 3512b
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