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Thread: Rise of the Machines Part 5

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    Post Rise of the Machines Part 5

    Great, the flying Terminator works.
    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">During the final test at Fort Benning, Ga., the GTMax used eight different low-level flight control systems and three guidance systems in a single flight, including adapting to primary flight control system hardware failures, environmental factors and changes in aircraft configuration.

    The final tests on Georgia Tech’s UAV demonstrated several key advancements:

    • The UAV is able to learn as it flies.

    • The UAV is able to reconfigure after failures in primary flight control systems, including losing the ability to change the pitch of the main rotor.

    • The UAV is able to automatically plan a route through obstacles.

    • The UAV is able to maneuver aggressively.</font>
    (emphasis mine)

    It gets even scarier.
    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Georgia Tech’s primary contribution to the overall project was continuing work started by Boeing on the new SEC system, an Open Control Platform (OCP), which gives the UAV the ability to reconfigure its software systems autonomously in flight.

    The OCP is an object-oriented, real-time operating software architecture that can handle very large sets of data and computations in real time, similar to a pilot’s brain reacting to enemy fire or changing weather conditions.</font>
    There's no mention of when they'll be planning weapons tests, but you just know the Professor Frinks are salivating at the thought.

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    "Grandpa, what's a 'Pilot'?"

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    Cool.. bring em on..

    I keep waiting on our "enemies" to use our technology against us. Worry about them more than some software program waking up and discovering itself as a entity.

    We give it all away. We gave the cockpit fabrication of our most important fighter to the japanese, who sold it to the russkies the next week. HURRAH.. OUR M16's are made in Korea. HUrrah.. This was after Japan sold our stealth submarine technology, several other things treaty accorded them to produce for US.

    LOOK OUR MARGRET, the microwave has gone beserk.. Yeah, Like I am worried about that.


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    Thought I saw one yesterday on eBay???
    Barry Milton

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    Arent they using our technology against us when they make roadside IED's out of 155mm shells we sold em back when we were friends with Saddam?

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    Should really have considered that possibility when you sold them (or gave them)

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