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Thread: Bridgeport owners manual 1987

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    Talking Bridgeport owners manual 1987

    I am new to machining. I have recently purchased a 1987 Bridgeport J head with variable speed.

    It came with no paperwork. Where can I buy manuals?

    I have heard of CD-ROM but is there anyone publishing aftermarket text?

    I guess I can buy from B-Port.

    Any help is very much apppreciated.


    Tom Pace

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    If nothing else turns up, try Joe Brogemo at Plaza Machinery in Bethel, VT. He advertises in HSM. I think he has a collection of machinery manuals that he will Xerox and send out copies of (for a fee, of course....) B'ports are so ubiquitous though, you ought to be able to find a manual someplace on your own.
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