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    I was not pleased with intellicad. I was unable to print pdf'd with Adobe larger than A sized. They acknowledged it was a bug. And never fixed it. They also never responded to by questions about when they were going to fix it. I then used Alibre for a while and now have settled on Solidworks 2006. A lot of money but worth it IMHO. 3D once you figure it out is the only way to go.
    Good luck

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    Post Intellicad

    Hi all,

    I've been using the ProgeCAD free version of intellicad for a while now, and I'm looking to upgrade it to one of the other versions. I'm leaning toward either ProgeCAD, the Autodsys version, or the Cadopia version. But there's maybe a dozen or so other vendors as well.

    Does anyone have an opinion on one version versus another? Are they all close enough that a person should just go by price alone?


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