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Thread: looking for 70's enco 1024 info

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    new to the forum and metal working. i just picked up a 70's enco 1024. it has a ton of tooling and looks to be in nice condition. but it does not have a manual. also, any thoughts on this lathe? most of my work is for furniture parts so i dont need to have a ultra acurate lathe, just wanted a compact stout tool. i hope this fits the bill.

    i have some photos i can email.

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    I can't help much, but I'm in the same boat. I bought an Enco 1024 3 weeks ago, no documentation. Mine is dated 1986. The closest manual I have found online is this one:

    I also found a gentleman with a similar Enco 1024 who copied a few pages of his manual. I can send you those if you like. Email me at rex at
    I'd also like to exchange photos with you. Of your lathe, that is

    Rex B
    Ft Worth

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