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Thread: What's up with this ???

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    Question What's up with this ???

    I came across this on ebay........

    Is it legitamate or is this some kind of piracy?
    I didn't see anywhere who publishes it.
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    I certainly wouldn't buy from him. Too many negative feed back. More important the negatives are all extremely negative.
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    This same guy has been selling these CD's for over a year I belive.
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    Drill presses are not designed to take side loads - you will eat the bearings in no time flat! Also, they are not very rigid.

    Get a real mill, and be done with it. You will be much happier!

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    Looks like the same book to me. If I was going to buy it, I'd buy it direct from the good people that give us this board.

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    I would not buy from seems like everything he/she/they have for sale is available much cheaper from the source. I noticed he was selling a Lincoln Foundation TIG guide for $'s $5 direct from Lincoln. He also tends to sell Lindsay books at a higher price than Lindsay. If you're gonna buy from him, let me know first and I'll probably give you the same price

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    OMG! abn,I hope you are not offering to sell something on this board, it is not allowed.LOL

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    Yet more proof that Ebay doesn't do a darn thing about irresponsible sellers. The first two negs in his feedback were for non-delivery, one even stated PayPal refunded.
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    ohojim sells the Village Press books, Lindsay books and the Workshop Series as well as others. They have been in business for several years, and have possibly outgrown their distribution system.

    Still, in all 98.8% positive feedback is not bad, and, at least in my experience, it is possible that some of the problems are a result of the buyers not having current e-mail addresses or other information with eBay, or having their spam filters set too tight and missing some correspondence.

    Not making excuses for them, and I will continue to buy my books directly from the original publisher if at all possible, but a lot of eBayers create their own problems, and feedback (from both buyer and seller)should always be taken with a grain of salt.
    Jim H.

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    Why bother, All you need to turn a drill into a mill is one of those cheap cross feed
    tables from ENCO, of course if you try to machine anything larger than micro machine work you will ruin your press.
    I have told you what the book says now send me my $5.00.
    Non, je ne regrette rien.

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