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Thread: How to us a taper attachment

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    Post How to us a taper attachment

    I have a taper attachment on my lathe, and I need to cut a morse taper #3.

    I dont know how to use it. Can someone give me a quick run down?

    Do you guys need pics of the thing to make sure or they pretty much standard?

    (And a BIG thankyou to those of you who advised me to get the this attachment when I was thinking about getting this lathe!!)

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    Basically, you set the taper attachment at half the included angle of the taper you need, connect the follower for the attachment to the back of the crosslide, and disconnect the cross feed nut from the crosslide so that it is free to follow the taper attachment. An existing Morse Taper #3 would be the best way to set the angle on the taper attachment(Morse taper in the lathe, dial indicator on the cross slide, adjust to hold zero on the indicator as you traverse the existing sample Morse Taper.)

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