My dad has asked me to get a pickup bed trailer working for him. Well, I got everything tore apart tonight, and what a mess. Everything is put together with grade 0 bolts, welds that I can break with a 2 lb sledge (with no problem), etc.

Enough ranting and on to the questions....

I dont especially like the axle situations. They are six lugs, alloy rims, an odd size to boot. I want to put trailer tires on them so it rides a little better...only real option is to replace the axle. I can buy a replacement axle at tractor supply company for about 75 bucks, but it's way too long. How bad of an idea is it to cut an axle, cut 12" off, then reweld them together?

Next question...

Are leaf springs usually attached on one side (either the front or the back) then allowed to float, or are both ends of the spring supposed to float? What is a good thickness for the bars that act as the pivot to connect the spring to the frame? Right now they are 3/4, but I think that's a tad bit of overkill [Smile]

I think that's all for now.

Hopefully you will answer promptly...have to get this damn thing done tomorrow!