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Thread: More rust cleanup, phosphoric, this time

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    Post More rust cleanup, phosphoric, this time

    There having been so much on the electrolytic de-rusting method, I thought I should post a pic of the results of derusting with phosphoric acid....

    The two items in the pic were "balls of rust", that is there was rust on all surfaces. I knocked off the loose rust, and dunked in phosphoric for a couple hours.

    A minimal amount of brushing and this is the result. Should have taken a "before" pic, but didn't think about it then.

    Product used was "Savogran Crete-Nu", diluted several to one in tap water.

    Slight yellow tinge is visible, which is not rust, but a coating that the phosphoric tends to create.

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    Hi There,

    I knew a High School Chemistry teacher that used Oxalic acid for removing rust. I tried it and it works okay. Anybody else tried this?

    BTW, your results look good!

    -Blue Chips-

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