Yes, Virginia, there is a depression.
For the first time since the early 30's, blue collar workers in this area are out of work, having been retired early or simply laid off permanently because of automation, outsourcing jobs overseas, importing much more in the way of trade goods than we manufacture, and a daily depreciation of the buying power of our money. It isn't q;uite as noticeable as in 1932 because of social welfare, food banks, federal help schemes and social security, but if you look into the problem, it will grow before your eyes. I don't personally know anybody who starved to death, but I know of several old people who froze to death during an exceptionally cold winter because their utilities were turned off by a kind municipality that pays professional welfare welchers to continue proliferating another generation of welfare welchers while ingoring ordinary, honest working people who fall on hard times.
And, come on over,, and I'll introduce you to hundreds of families whose children and former breadwinners go to bed hungry most nights. Get your head out of that un-sunlit place. The true fault is Globalism and a constantly depreciating value of our fiat currency.
Better still, look up your local food banks and stand outside on the days they give away food. You'll be shocked, but better informed on the status of our depression.
Incidentally, the reason unemployment figures are low is that when a former worker's unemployment entitlement runs out, the gov't. no longer considers that person unemployed, thus hiding the critical condition of the economy from the masses.