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Thread: Vertex?

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    Smile Vertex?

    Does anyone know where these rotary tables (and a lot af other stuff)are made. The look to good to be asian? Are they as good as they look?

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    Well you are wrong. There were of Taiwanese provenience. The newer models might well be made in China for the Taiwanese Vortex.

    I have the smallest one since a number of years and am very happy with it. I heard that for production their repeating is not of high accuracy, but for the work I´m doing with it I have never noticed it.

    Good dividing!

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    A lot of high quality stuff comes out of Poland (Bison, Narex, Famot, Andrychow, Tarnow, Poreba, Skoda, etc.). I have looked at the Vertex and it appears fairly well made for the money involved but, I am not aware of their accuracy. You might be able to score a Meca, Nikken, or Yuasa table at an auction if you are really lucky. For general use though, a good table will cost good money. The other avenue available to you is to make your own to suit your own needs - many have been featured in the pages of HSM, MW, & MEW.

    Dave Smith

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