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Thread: Christmas presents: What are those tools you got?

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    Well I gave myself a clean(er) shop, upgraded software on my CNC computer, (opensource EMC, don't think I'm spending no money or something!) a network cable for said computer so it's on the studio network for once, and if I get off my butt and do some work a finished set of latern gears...

    Of course, my family are all at least 5000km away from me in Yellowknife, Canada and Sydney, Australia, my friends/girlfriend are all with their families. So I got nothing better to do then work a bit. Then again, my parents did give the wonderfull gift of tutition and rent... So I am *not* complaining!

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    I gave myself a "new" 16" DoAll vertical band saw. I got it at an auction. Looks to be used very little. It's even a single phase machine, I've never seen one that's single phase 115V, but I'm gonna swap it to 220V when I get it home. Better than a lump of coal!!!

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    I got Myself some time off so I started the 50 cal.Its a good present.

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    I got a No. 10-10A combination set of Steelmans brand broaches. Cheap ones, yes, but I think they will serve my needs perfectly for the few keyways I will cut.

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    I got a set of angle-blocks and a light with a magnetic base. Theyre a cheap set but theyll suit fine for now. But the best one is that I get to order my 11" Colchester lathe come Tuesday, man I cant wait to get it.

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    Got me the current edition of Call of Duty2 so now I can suspense with taking names and go right onto kicking ass! Actually, it's a lot of fun to play online! Some of these players are so quick they must have the reflexes of a 6 year old !! You don't suppose..........?

    I managed to get my mill trammed in this weekend. To a real machinist it's no big deal but to me !! Using the Sterrett Last Word it doesn't move over .001 for the width of my 4" vice and I'm about the same for a 18" width on the table. I also mounted a medium sized pizza sheet under the mills vice to catch chips.
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    I got my choice, a new lap-top or a dividing head. Guess I'll take the dividing head.

    Merry Christmas all.

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    I got a plasma cutter from the wife, and some shorts and shirts. The best gift though was getting to spend Christmas with my family at our house this year. Presents are great, but the memories made with family and friends are priceless.

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    I got a HF variable speed port-a-band, a bunch of c-clamps, vise grip welding clamps, a set of big clothes pin clamps, a big drill bit index, socks and stuff

    Between the port a band and the plasma I'm pretty well set up for scrapping stuff down to managable chunks. I'm always picking up stuff for the steel but it's a pain cutting it up with a torch and saws all...

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    Hullo all you good folk out there in BB land. I hope the season is treating you well.
    My bestest Christmas present was a new travelling steady for the lathe. just the thing to keep those spindley little shafts from dodging out from under the cutting tool.
    The weather here is just fine. Likely to go to 27 degrees celcius today. The Test Cricket Match between South Africa and Australia got under way in Melbourne an hour or so ago and the Sydney to Hobart Ocean Yacht Race will start from Sydney Harbour at 1 PM local time. Full coverage on the TV. I guess I will just open a tinnie and observe.
    My best regards to you all.

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