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Thread: Used mini milling machines?

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    I think it may already be too late for me. I am constantly looking thruogh old tools and scrap metal for things that I can use to build a machine. I looked through the entire Grainger's cat. and got a whole bunch of ideas on controls that I could incorperate. Where I seem to bog down is deciding which motor to use. Is there an industry standard as far as voltage is concerned ie. AC or DC, and why. If I had the money I think I would invest in a CNC machine. Oh the thing I could make.


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    For $20,000 you can buy a brand new Haas Toolroom Mill. can be used as a manual or CNC. I would buy one of these long before I would buy a new Bridgeport (soon to be made by Hardinge, we hope) or a Quality clone. Great machine.

    HSM and MW has ads for them now.

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