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Thread: Metric SHCS & Setscrew Assortment

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    Post Metric SHCS & Setscrew Assortment

    Just came in from the shop to take a break - and post this mini-rant. I've bought probably more than my share of Chinese tools for the lathe & mill, and now it's coming back to haunt me (like a bite in the a$$).

    The Phase II boring head I bought as part of a tooling package from the Jet dealer who sold me the mill is OK for the price I paid - but the middle setscrew that holds the head offset is a piece of crap. Neither US or metric allen wrenches fit it very well, so it can't be tightened down enough to hold things in place. Instead, I'm having to tighten all three setscrews each time I make an adjustment.

    That's just the tip of the iceberg where Chinese allen head screws & bolts are concerned. I think every one of the suckers on both the Jet lathe & mill are odd-sized, or soft, or both. I've replaced several with metric screws purchased at an Ace Hardware store that are head & shoulders better than the OEM stuff. But that store is 60+miles from here - I sure would like to see Enco or MSC or KBC start carrying a useful assortment of much better quality metric hardware at a reasonable price. I'm not just talking about individual screws & bolts - I want an assortment of several of the most common sizes used in/on our machines.

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    A few years ago I bought an assortment pack of SHCS from Fastenal. They were in SAE sizes ranging from 6-32 to 10-32 (including 10-24) and each size had various lengths. I think there were over 700 screws and the cost was about $75. Not sure if they have a metric assortment but it may be worth a try.


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    Good call. I have also been looking for assortments in one bundle.

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    I also bought an assortment of SHCS; I think I bought mine from Travers Tool Co. 4-40 through 10-32. I later bought SHCS in ¼ and, 5/16, 3/8 Etc. as needed, I find these at the local hardware, Industrial supply and some at the home centers. They seam to fit all my equipment ok, and I’m not at all dissatisfied with the quality, I think they are 1960 series.

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