My Father passed away, probably yesterday. He was laying dead in his bathroom.

See this post, no bull****, No exageration, for real.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 12:26 am Post subject: Strange day... Reply with quote
This is the strangest day I have ever had in my life, things moving around me. Books flying off shelves, pages turning on notebooks, both ways.. My hair is sticking straight up like buckwheats.

NO luck on the shop computer.. I can't even get it to boot on the floppy, once it starts up, it changes the bios to boot from hard drive. I am fixin ta pull that hard drive completely out..

<END CUT and paste>

I am allright, Kinda wet eyed and sad. He was 84 or 85? Born in Rockwood Tn. to Coal miners in a mining camp. I just told my wife, she is tore up.