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    Talking HEY THRUD

    Where in Canada do you get parts and stuff. At the moment I get stuff from KBC Tools. We are not as lucky as our American cousins to have many choices. If we do use American companies, we pay through the nose EH? As you said a while ago, our dollar is an American 50 cent piece...

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    Good Question!

    I buy Bison from Sowa through Thomas Skinner & Sons and get a good discount. I get most of my new tools from Skinner - great guys, and easy to argue with. I troll the tool stores, Auctions, Sales, machinery dealers, and a few places not normally visited by machinists. If I find something useful, it does not matter to me a dentist or proctologist uses it - just a tool to me.

    I buy 1/16" to 1/4" shank carbide tools and abrasives for my 1/4 HP Foredom flex shaft and Dremel handheld in wood working stores, lapidary shops, dental supplers, and automotive supply. I would never buy them from KBC - those guys are nuts and out to lunch on their prices - and they have screwed up every order I ever made from them. They still owe me money...

    I buy fasteners from bolt houses, or whoever has them for a reasonable price. Raw material I buy from eBay (Starrett flat stock) - I got 80 lbs. from a gent in the states for the price of two 1-1/4"x1/4"x36" here. I haunt the scrap yard. I know a gentleman that CNC's reactor and petrochemical parts that gives me free material (small stubs - I bring doughnuts).

    I used to run an electrical manufacturing plant and I learned how to be resourceful there. If you ever want Micarta, Wesco/Westinghouse sells both paper and linen Micarta for electrical work in bars and sheets.

    I also buy stuff on eBay. Caveat Emptor highly advised. You need to be a smart buyer and know what you are looking for is worth here new and consider that when bidding. Some people just bid like total retards - I have seen a Starrett square go for 30% more than retail (+ shipping!). I managed to get three new unopened items for 1/6 of their cost here. Read all the notices before biding! You can bid on US items from Ebay Canada (view all items available to this site). Some Americans will not deal with Canadians. I only use International Money orders drawn on a US bank in US dollars (100% refund from my bank if lost) and have never had a problem with our friends to the south.

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    Where do you buy your endmills?


    Initially I was buying most of my stuff from KBC and when some of their items go on sale I think it's a good deal. Like Thrud, I try to get stuff from different sources but unfortunately for speciality items I find myself going back to KBC and their catalog definitely makes the search handy.


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    Check your local yellow pages under tools, tooling, machinery, etc. Toronto should have tons of them.

    I have been buying my carbide (Garr, Valenite, & Sandvik Coromant), Lyndex, Bison, Starrett, Mitutoyo, STM (Sowa Tool Mfg.) and other sundries from Thomas Skinner & Sons - they treat me pretty good. I get far better prices than KBC and if their price is higher than you see in a sale catalog they will usually match or better the price or offer something better. They often have discontinued goodies that are worth checking out. They are clearing out their stocks of Mitsubishi inserts and they are dirt cheap now.

    I like the Garr Carbide Endmills - they are all micrograin carbide so they retain their edge better. They also make beautiful carbide drills and reamers. I always measure mine when I pick them up and they are always dead-nuts - I like that.

    I also have access to Kennametal, Sowa, DoAll, Westool Production Supply, United, Precision, Akhurst, and Modern Tool. With the lot of them, there is not much I can't get here - for a price. I buy Craytex abrasives at a lapidary shop - about 1/10 of KBC prices and I can pick and choose. They also have some really cool diamond abrasives including pastes (same as the industrial stuff, just cheaper). They and Lee Vally are the only ones I hae found with Sintered Ruby points (AKA Ruby Carvers). They also have structured tooth carbide burrs that work for metal, non-metal, and wood applications. They also have computer controlled "melt furnaces" that are ideal for heat treating (2000*C programmable heat cycles - great for tempering & annealing).


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