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    Question Sears Lathe

    I have a Sears lathe model 109.21270. It's an 18" v-bed. I'm looking for a manual or copy of same. Sears has no information available. Any help would be appriciated.




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    Go here:

    Look for the AA files towards the top of the page. There you will find an owner's manual, measured drawings of some of the parts of the machne as well as projects for the machine. Further, there is a group on the web with now over 750 members devoted to the use and operation of the Atlas metalworking machines, horizontal mills, lathes, shapers and the same machines made by Atlas for Sears and badged under the Craftsman name. Further, your 109.XXX lathe was made by AA Engineering for Sears. This little machine is also well supported and topical on the group. To subscribe, simply send a message to:
    To lurk go to:
    You will have to register with Yahoogroups the first time.
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