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Thread: south bend 7" shaper vise

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    Question south bend 7" shaper vise


    I am looking for a south bend vise for my
    7" shaper. The shape is in great shape but
    came without a vise. If you have pictures
    I would gladly pay for duplicates & mailing.
    I did receive a photocopy of the shop manual
    from South Bend.

    Thanks for any insight.


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    I was in the same situation as you and sort of solved it by buying a small milling machine vice from Plaza Machinery in Bethel Vt. Tel. 802-234-9673. The vice is a used but high quality number probably made by Hardinge. Joe has tons of stuff and has always treated me very well. In talking to him about the shortage of South Bend shaper vices he mentioned the possibility of having some castings made up. I told him I would be first in line! Maybe he will have an original, somthing real close or can be convinced to go ahead with the castings.

    Good luck!


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