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Thread: home made reversing switch

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    Question home made reversing switch

    many years ago I made a reversing switch for a split phase motor but I forgot how I did it.I remember using a double throw switch and criss crossing the wires. Is there anyone out there that is familiar with this method? Could you please instruct me on how I can do this?Thanks,Art
    art garcia

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    I just recently made me one of those for my lathe. I rewired the motor for 220 and used a DPDT center-off toggle for direction. It became somewhat complex and I ended up using relays to switch all the wires in the motor. Just for fun I also added a couple of neon lights: green for forward, red for reverse. If you need to see the schematic, email me at and I'll send it to you.

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    Hi Bigart:

    I have done the same thing and realy had to think about how I accomplished it, as I did this about 20 years ago. This I believe,is how I did it. Bring both wires from the starting winding out and hook them to the out side poles of a double pole double throw switch,cross the starting winding wire between the two outside poles and connecting the wires to the oppsite out side poles of the switch.

    The line is connected to the run winding normally. A tap from the run winding is made to the center poles of the switch, hot wire to one pole and the netural to the other pole.The direction of rotation is selected befor the main switch is closed. The double pole switch will be connected on the motor side of the main switch.

    Hope this is understandable as I do not write directions very well. Hope this helps.

    charlie C.
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    I would seriously consider just buying a proper drum switch for two reasons:
    2)insurance companies will not pay a claim if they find cludged electrical gear

    If you do build your own, make sure your local electrical inspector approves your work and document it for insurance.


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    thanks guys for your help.I think the way Charlie described his method was the way I had done it in the past.I'm going to give it a try.
    art garcia

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