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    I've had a Edelstaal machinex 5" lathe with milling attachment(sold by Montgomery Wards 1980 or so)sitting in storage for the last 20 years. Sometime during that period the vertical column that the head mount would slide on to convert to a milling machine was stolen.
    Does anyone know where a replacement can be purchased? Does anyone know what happened to Edelstaal? Did some one buy them out? Is the same machine being made under a different name? Will a vertical column from other like machines fit this model?
    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Check with Blue Ridge Machinery. Edelstall (USA) used to import the Emco line of Austrian lathes, Maximat7,10,11, and FB2 Mills. Your machine may just be a Maximat5 (don't quote me!). Blue Ridge owns the North American rights to the smaller Emco machines such as the Unimat, Maximat5, 8, 10, &11.

    I do not know about the little ones, but I have a Maximat 7 and it is one great machine.

    Hope that helps.


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