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    Hi all,

    This may be an obvious question to some, but not to me.

    I see that Grizzly sells parting tools (cutoff blades) in various sizes at what appears to be a good price. However, they are for tapered holders. That is, there is a taper to the cutting end of the parting tool.

    Is there any reason a person couldn't use these and simply square the end if their lathe holds parting tools flat and not at an angle? Or maybe even turn them around and use the square end after sharpening if needed? They're High Speed Steel.

    Thanks in advance.

    Bruce Johnston
    Bruce Johnston

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    Two basic types of HS parting tools, tapered and tee. Personally I don't like the tee type, I use HS parting tools at work for mostly plastics. By grinding back rake on blade, with a tapered blade you effectively have some back clearance on sides, seems to help when making deep parting cuts in UMHW or Delrin.

    The tapered means that the blade is wider at the top than at the bottom, grind the end however you want it. On shallow cuts you can grind with a taper so that it cuts part off first and then trims rest. If cut is deeper a taper on end will have a tendency to make the blade wander to that side. Sometimes with a little experimetation one can use a taper on end combined with a little side rake the other way and make the tool go straight. Takes a little trial and error, don't know if it is worth it, but it has worked for me.

    Used to slug it out all day on this old turret lathe cutting out bronze blanks, we did some funny grinding on the blade, by reducing the width we could get several more .375 long parts out of a 10 ft. stick.

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    Thanks, Halfnut. Just the info I needed.

    Never fear, though. I'll soon be back with a lot more basic questions. Trust me on that!

    Bruce Johnston
    Bruce Johnston

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