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Thread: Need Manual for Enco Model 110-2021 lathe

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    I'm restoring an old Enco 110-2021 lathe. It is a 12x21 or so, belt drive spindle, metal lathe. It is very similar to the 110-2034 lathe currently available from enco. However, this lathe was made in 1986 in Taiwan by Dar Sin company. It is shorter and doesn't have a gap bed. The new one is made in PRC. I have the manual for the new one and there are some differences. I am also hoping the manual for the old one is a little more complete. The lathe is in good shape and just needs a little TLC. A manual would be of great help. If you have one you could copy or have any suggestions where to look, please let me know. My e-mail is Thanks, Jerry
    Jerry Stephenson

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    Yes, I've downloaded the manual for the 110-2034 which is the newer version of the same lathe. The manual isn't very good and I'm hoping the old one is better. The older lathe was made in Taiwan and there are some differences. Thanks, Jerry
    Jerry Stephenson

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