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Thread: Silver Solder

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    It is possible to silver solder with a propane or Mapp gas torch. I have an acetylene torch, but frequently use a propane to silver solder. I have one of the propane torches with the flexible rubber hoses attached to the handle. They seem to get a bit hotter than the ones that mount directly to the tank. The problem tends to be that the flame on a propane torch needs to be fairly large to silver solder thus heating more of an area than one might want. Control of heat is more of a problem, but if you have a joint or two that you need to silver solder, with care in the method of holding parts and creating heat sinks, you can silversolder very easily. Practice a bit, and make some scrap metal !

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    Sorry you are having trouble hard soldering, it does take a bit of practice. I agree with Techtchr that propane and Mapp gas can be used. A propane-air or acetylene-air torch head with interchangeable tips works well. Acetylene burns about 500 degrees hotter than propane. Add oxygen and you get another 1000+ degrees F but the regulators, oxygen tank, etc. add big cost.
    Best thing to do is to order Rio Grande's free 500 page full-color catalog. It has a ten-page section on hard soldering equipment and supplies, plus lots of excellent soldering information. Two more thoughts on hard soldering. Very clean metal (scrub with 220-600 silicone carbide paper) and the correct flux are essential. I use an inexpensive product called Handy Flux. Flux made for soft soldering usually won't work. Oxidization cleanup can be done with acid (sulfuric) but is safer, cheaper and more common today to use a dry acid powder that you mix with water. I use Sparex. Good luck.

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