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    Hi Folks,
    Thanks to all who responded to my requests, Now I have anothe question. I'm looking at an older (1921) Logan mod 201 10" X 36" Lathe. can anybody tell me anything about it.
    ie: can I get parts, are they pretty accurate, are accessories available?

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    Check this web site: This site is hosted by Scott Logan.


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    Logans, when new, WERE pretty accurate. What yours may be, used, is anybody's guess. It of course also has to be set up properly to get the maximum accuracy out of it.

    If by "accessories" you mean collets, chucks, etc., there should be no problem. All that stuff is readily available.

    If you don't have copies of the MSC and Travers catalogs, see and . There are other companies too, but I'm most familiar with them.

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    Seems like we have a few people in the business, anyone care to share what they do?

    I have been in and out of the gun business for over 2 decades. I am currently trying to make a go with a gun stock business that I started a year ago and I hope to have it actually paying bills next year. You can see what I do at

    I started thinking I would be doing reproduction military stocks with military finishes and I end up doing fancy stocks
    for military guns, who knew? Still learning all that polishing out of finishes stuff and I have a lot to learn!

    My father runs Dealer Showroom and sells parts for all sorts of stuff. I shill, I mean sell a lot of stuff for him. I know military parts pretty well but can't tell a Remington model 70 from a Winchester...


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