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    Question used level leveling

    Please excuse me if this is an obvious question. I am looking to buy a used Starret machinist level to set up my 9 inch SBL. How do I insure that the level is actually reading level? I don't have anything other than a tub of water that I know is truely level.


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    Put it on any reasonably level flat surface. Note where the bubble is. Turn it end-for-end, and read it again. If it's the same reading (at the other end of the bubble), the level is accurate.

    Here's a much more detailed answer:


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    I have a Starret Level #199 in the catalog. if you like I could send you a copy of Directions that I got with it. This trully a good tool have. Let me know, either here or

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    Roger described exactly the directions that come with the Starrett #199 Master Precision Level (except for the part on how to adjust the vial).


    If you are patient, you can buy a Starrett #199 Level on eBay for under $100. I bought min for $600 new and it was worth every penny. It is a tool that will work forever if you do not drop it and kepp it from rusting. This level can also be used as a straight edge if you decide to get into scraping of bearing surfaces later.

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    Are those VASTLY superior to the #98 levels?

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    The No. 199 is a Master Precision level, vial is graduated to 0.0005"/ft.
    The No. 98 is a Machinist's Improved Level, vial is graduated to 0.005"/ft.
    The No. 199 is about ten times more accurate, and five times more expensive.
    Jim H.

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