Does anyone know anything about Grizzly G3616 mill? It seems to have a lot the nice features, I noted that nothing is chrome plated so I am guessing there is less durability in the quill and the ways. How bad is that for what I want to do? (See below) I know there are a lot of you out there that have strong opinions on import equipment. While I would really like to get a nice BP mill, I have spent the last several weeks looking on EBAY and other sources for used equipment. Most seems to be either worn out (or not enough information to determine the condition) or 2-3 times the cost of getting this smaller mill. This is especially true as I am only 5 hours from Bellingham, WA and I can pick up the mill myself. Most of the used BP would have to be shipped from S. California or New Jersey and the freight for that seems rather pricey.
I have a mechanical engineering background and just want to make parts for bicycles, radio control toys, and anything I need in my woodworking hobbies. My ultimate goal would be to have a CNC 3-Axis mill. Is this mill one I could consider retrofitting to get to that point?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Purviance