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Thread: Lathe thread sizes

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    Question Lathe thread sizes

    I have a couple of items that I acquired somewhere and would like to sell on ebay, but I need some information on which brand/ size lathes they will fit on:

    Faceplate with 1 1/4 - 12 threads.

    Headstock Jacobs chuck with 1" - 8 threads.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I think the 1" - 8 is more or less standard for wood lathes...not sure though, you ought to get independent confirmation.
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    Lathe Model Spindle thread code Available for Supernova
    Record, Coronet, (except red paint Major) Carba-Tec ¾" x 16 TPI MC1 yes *
    Axminster M330/600/900/950/Perform, Delta 1" x 8 TPI MC4 yes *
    Draper, Nu-Tool, Clarke, Naerok, Rexxon, Seally, Hilka and other importers of far-Eastern lathes use either ¾" x 16 or 1" x 8 TPI and you need to check which it is ¾" x 16 or 1" x 8 TPI MC4/MC1 yes *
    Hegner, Woodfast, some Sorby, Killinger, Wabeco, Hapfo, Hager, Flott, Konig, Emco, Sheppach and most German lathes use this thread but please note the register size varies and specials may be required. 33mm x 3.5mm MC22 Special - please enquire
    Harrison Graduate, Apollo Professional, most Poolewood, Axminster Superlathe 1½" x 6 Whit td>MC2 Special - please enquire
    Apollo (except professional), some Sorby, Astra, Tyme Avon, Selbix 25mm x 2mm MC30 yes *
    Harrison Jubilee, Arundel E5 1" x 10 BSF MC12 yes *
    Al-ko HDM 850 30mm x 1.5mm MC34 no
    Arundel K450/K600/M230, Luna 24mm x 3mm MC21 Special
    Clarke (pressed steel bed) ¾" x 10 TPI MC10 yes *
    Coronet Major(Red)pre 1977 7/8" x 16 Whit MC8 special *
    Electra Beckum HDM800/1000 20mm x 1.5mm MC39 yes *
    Elu DB180 18mm special MC27 no
    Nova, General 260 1¼" x 8 UNC MC23 yes
    James Inns (Sherwood) ¾" x 10 Whit MC10 yes *
    Multico 20mm x 1.5mm MC39 yes *
    Multico Supershop 5/8"Plain shaft MC5M no
    Myford ML8, Turnstyler 1" x 12 Whit MC3 yes *
    Myford Mystro 11/8" x 12 Whit MC20 yes *
    Shopsmith 5/8"Plain shaft MC5 no
    Sorby lathe (old models) 25mm x 2mm MC30 yes *
    Tyme Cub/Gem 20mm x 2mm MC29 yes *
    Viceroy (Denford) 1½" x 8 TPI MC6 no
    Old Vicmarc, Nova 30mm x 3.5mm MC13 special
    Left Hand Threads
    Harrison Graduate/Woodfast 11/2" x 6 Whit MC2B Special - please enquire
    Myford ML8 7/8" x 12 Whit MC3B yes
    Rockwell Delta 1" x 8 TPI MC4B no
    Harrison Jubilee 1" x 10 BSF. MC12B yes
    Naerok/NuTool 3/4" x 16 UNF MC40B no
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    When listing the Jacobs headstock chuck, make sure to mention "fits 6" Atlas Craftsman lathe" in the title, you'll get maximum exposure & a high final bid.

    (Don't forget to have the word lathe in the title)

    Ed Pacenka

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