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    Post sodium silicate

    Any one have any experience using sodium silicate(water glass or egg preserver) to protect machinery from rust and moisture and bonding of metals with it,old timers swear by it,dont know just heard about it. thanks

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    I've used sodium silicate, but not for rust protection. I'll have to give that one a try.

    I purchased a jug of it to seal up a crack in the cylinder wall of an antique engine. Before adding the sodium silicate to the coolant the engine was running rough and blowing white smoke out the exhaust. When I poured about a cupful into the coolant the change was dramatic. Instantly, the smoke disappeared and the engine started running smoothly.

    I also use it in my electrolytic de-rusting vat. I don't know its purpose in this process, but the recipe I have calls for it.

    You can get sodium silicate from McMaster-Carr. If I remember correctly, it's only about $12-$13 per gallon.

    You can order it on line at:

    Type sodium silicate into the "Find" field. The click on the "+" that appears below.

    If you give it a try, I'd be interested in knowind how it turns out.


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    Also check out your local pharmacy/drugstore as they often carry sodium silicate.

    An excellent preservative for tools and machines are:

    Camillia Oil - Japanese have used for centuries on swords and edged tools in high humidity environment.

    Boeshield T-9 - made by Boeing. Available as liquid or spray. Wonderful stuff
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