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    Any one used thermo steel high temp 2000 degree metal and glass ? fastener supposedly good for all metals per posts from foreign came from advance auto parts store. thanks.

    mm curvin

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    A little more detail, maybe? I'm not familiar with what you're talking about.

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    SGW and others the thermo steel brochure fastener for metals temperature rating 2400 degrees sold at auto parts stores as Car Go brand got package 7 dollars tube about 1 nch date on tube 11/04 product had seperated mixed it back together tried it on cast iron steel copper aluminum brass clamped some steel together let set in full sun 2 days at 85 degrees ,results zero it would not set up could rub it off the material with fingers,had some high hopes for this but it is worse than useless,it was made by blue magic in conroe texas sold as car go product,will try something else.

    mm curvin

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    Hope you took it back and demanded a refund!

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