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Thread: Question: How to use a diamond wheel dresser?

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    Post Question: How to use a diamond wheel dresser?

    We recently got a single diamond wheel dresser and don't know exactly how to use it. Most articles on the subject say to traverse the wheel face straight and penetrate at most .002" per traverse, but none tell you how to guide the dresser.
    Do you need a cross-slide to hold the dresser?

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    Norman Atkinson Guest


    In a word, the answer is Yes.

    In conventional T&C grinders there is a casting which exclusively hold the dresser.
    My old Surface Grinder had the dresser pointing up from the table- stuck to the magnetic table.
    Might I suggest that the diamond trails the wheel?

    Good Luck


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    Thanks, Norman.
    Is it possible to remove the wheel from the grinder and put it on a lathe for truing?
    I realize that it won't be as true as dressing on the grinder, but my wheel is WAY off. What do you think?


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    Sounds like you're talking about a bench grinder. Read this thread from the other day:

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    Thanks, Smtty58. Very good info.
    No one mentioned using a lathe to dress a wheel. I'm the kind of guy who, once in a while, will do something stupid and try things like that.
    In principle it can do no harm to check the wheel on a lathe and do some rough truing.
    Attaching the diamond dresser to the lathe cross slide at least will give a perfectly straight rim to the wheel.


    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Smtty58:
    Sounds like you're talking about a bench grinder. Read this thread from the other day:

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    I have the same question.
    I read somewhere that a single tip diamond dresser, should be used at a particular angle to the wheel (up or down) to prevent diamond breakage.
    Just can't remember who wrote that.
    As for the lathe setup, I'm sure it would work. However... I am always leery of any grinding material flying around my Lathe and getting into the wrong places.

    Tom M.

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    Tom, you have a very valid point about the hard dust on a lathe. Not a good situation!
    So how about setting a vacuum cleaner nozzle adjacent the diamond dresser to suck up the dust as soon as it's generated?
    BTW, the angle of the diamond dresser to the wheel should be 15 degrees and trailing the wheel periphery i.e. pointing downwards, in the direction of the wheel motion.


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    Norman Atkinson Guest


    In my reply, I would err on the side of reason, good sense and regulations.
    I would dump the present wheels and go to your good supplier and get a pair of wheels suited to your precific needs. Then, I would dress them on the machine as advised.

    One cannot be too careful with grinding wheels.

    Good luck and take care


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    Put a shaft collar or drill stop on the shank of the dresser so it bears on the edge of the grinders tool rest.

    This will allow you to dress the wheel on the machine and parallel to the rests edge.

    Takes less time to do it than describe it.

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    Great suggestion!

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