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Thread: Info about Pratt-whitney #3 horizontal bench mill

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    Post Info about Pratt-whitney #3 horizontal bench mill

    I just got a vintage Pratt whitney #3 Precision Bench Mill in very nice condition for my home shop. I sent for the instruction manual from Tony Griffiths in England - looking forward to receiving it. I am looking for information about possible accessories that fit and home machinists who use one of these little mills. I have only two collets so am looking for a source for these. I am also interested in finding out if I might be able to find a vertical head conversion that could be adapted to work on this machine. Thanks for your help
    John Gland

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    Hi John,

    Congratulations on the P&W mill. I have a friend who has a small P&W mill that may be the same model or similar. He has a vertical head with his, but it runs too slow and he has considered making a small mill head similar to a Sherline to put on it. I believe his mill uses 3PN collets. His is the older style without the 2 speed gearbox.

    Drop me an email and I'll try to connect the two of you. He is not really crazy about the Internet and is not on this BBS.


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