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Thread: Semi-OT: I will never be a machinist!

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    Smile Semi-OT: I will never be a machinist!

    This is in a sick sort of way a very good thing for me!

    After years of informal machinist training, years of shade tree maintance/mechanic experiance, a "failed" apprenticeship as a patternmaker, a little bit of formal college level education (Mechanical Engineering), years in a union non-metalworking related industry, part time work selling tools and machinery, dead end work in cabinet shops; I have a non-military "career field" to occupy my time for a few years.

    So all you hard working USA taxpayers, keep on working, because my family is depending on you to pay my wages, my military (reserve) retirement, and my "new" civilian retirement, and finally my Social Security.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Sounds like either you never finish what you started, or easily distracted, or just a whiner who wants to live off others hard earned money.

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    Congrats on your retirement. You may be a machinist yet, now you will have more time to practice.
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