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Thread: How to build deburring machine

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    Default How to build deburring machine

    Need some ideas on how to build a vibratory or tumbling deburring machine. I'm machining some small aluminum parts and spend time filing off the burrs. Some burrs will still need to be filed off but I would like to clean them up somewhat and make the surfaces appear more consistant.

    What would be a good deburring media?

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    Default Tumbler

    have you looked at this one.
    they are sometimes on sale or a % off coupon.

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    Hi Outback,
    You could build a simple tumble polisher from a tin can and some rollers + a small motor. The only thing to be wary off is the media you use for the grinding action, I have read that you could use sawdust and a fine corrunda this will polish the aluminium but not sure about burrs. You would also have to be careful as to how long you left them especially as the metal is aluminium.
    Also I think that there is some relationship between the item to be polish and the media, a search on the web may pull up something.


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    This web site has a home made brass tumbler will that work?

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    I imagine that this is a bit more than you are looking for. The rubber lined tank is a 21" across the flats hexagon x 36" long. It has a 3H.P. motor with a 4 speed built in transmission. This uses a ceramic media that is shaped into pyramids and cylinders with slash cut ends. It uses a water based compound that prevents rust from forming when the parts are removed and it helps the media to cut faster. It is kind of a mess to deal with. You have to dig the parts out of the media and if they are very small, it can take a fair amount of time.

    I bought it to remove the mill scale from flame cut parts and the media was pretty well worn out when I got it and a couple of hundred pounds of it can run into some money. I have located a supplier for pickled and oiled plate, so my need has been eliminated for this machine.

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    This fellow's book on anodizing, which is quite good, has a section on how to build vibratory tumblers:

    If you fancy anodizing at all, it's worth what he charges for his book.



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    Go to a lapidary shop. Rock hounds use small relatively inexpensive barrel tumblers.

    These shops usually sell tumbling media in small packets rather than the 50 pound bags from abrasive suppliers.

    For aluminum you need a media that doesn't clog easily otherwise after a short period the media itself will become shiny and polished from the aluminum. A tumbling soap is needed to keep the media clean.

    Thumbler's Tumbler made in Auburn, Wa by Tru-Square Metal Products is one source (if they're still in business).

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    Get a cement mixer and some river rock.

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    The place for small amounts of assorted tumbling media is
    they have all flavors of the media. Harbor frieght's vibor tombler is made by the same company that supplies them to anybody that wants to put their name on them. They also have a one and two barrel( quart paint can sizes) rubber cans these are the same ones that are sold as the kits for Christmass by most stores at higher prices. One hint from somebody that tumble stones in the past. Depending on what you put in the can for a soap/lube make sure if you are using quartor gallon paint cans or any can with a postive seal. That you stop and open the cans every 24 Hours to relive the pressure. Forgot in my youth and a can poped, what a mess to clean up.
    The cement mixer is a good idea if you have small electric driven one around.
    have used one to mix large batches of custom parrot seed, assorted beads to bag,
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    Quote Originally Posted by IOWOLF
    Get a cement mixer and some river rock.
    A plastic cement mixer filled with lizard bedding(crushed walnut) does an excellent job of polishing - it's what the surplus cartridge case resellers use for processing .50BMG brass.

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