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Thread: Flat belt for Logan lathe

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    Default Flat belt for Logan lathe

    Hi all, my first post. I purchased an old Logan 200 lathe at an auction a few weeks back. To be honest I have not touched a metal lathe since high school, which was some time ago. I have had a life long fascination with modelling, and hope to start dabbling in it. My question is, the one thing my old lathe needs is a new flat belt, I have heard that the endless belts are much quieter running. Does the extra cost, and hassle of taking apart the headstock, and motor drive to install the continuous belt justify the benefits? Thank you John.

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    A while back Evan posted a description of how he'd cut and glued a belt for his lathe. A search of the archives should turn it up. It would save taking out the spindle.

    You may also want to check out flat belt offerings from
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    I also have a Logan lathe. I decided to replace the leather belt with an automotive serpentine belt. I cut the belt and beveled the ends to create a lap joint about three inches long. I applied Loctite 404 adhesive and clamped the joint until the adhesive cured. I am amazed how much smoother my lathe runs with this belt. There is no vibration and no "click, click, click" as the splice in the leather belt travels around the pulleys. An added bonus is the extra "grip" the rubber belt has over the leather belt.

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    Pulling the spindle on a 200 isn't impossibly hard, but not something I'd enjoy regularly. I've done it twice on mine, neither time for the belt.

    I have a rubber and canvas flat belt with alligator clips, that works fine. I don't mind the clicks.

    With a serpentine I think you'd have a decent option of lacing it also, half the lacing grooves are already there!

    There certainly is nothing better than a rubber and canvas belt, or any belt with a grippy rubber surface. Most of the serpentine ones I see are rather hard-surfaced, but then they aren't new.

    Do you put the ribs or the back down? The back often seems slippy, maybe it isn't.

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    Here's a page with info about putting an endless belt on a 200.

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