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Thread: OT: Any opinions on Ithaca Model 600 o/u shotgun?

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    Default OT: Any opinions on Ithaca Model 600 o/u shotgun?

    I saw an Ithaca Model 600 tonight that is in pretty good shape. The stock has some scratches but all the metal seems to be in good shape and operating properly. Nice enough scroll work.

    Any opinions on this shotgun?

    What should I expect to pay for one?


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    Those are excellent shotguns Dan, made in Japan by the SKB company.
    I have sold several of them over the years.

    On it's value, that is a tough call, guns are worth no more or less then what someone can get out of them at any given time.

    Unfortionatly, "Good shape" is so subjective that it does not really provide any real definitive statement as to it's condition.

    There are also many models of the 600 which add to the difficulty in offering a price.

    Presuming it is a 12 gauge, field grade in 80% condition it should bring in the $400 to $475 range.
    No metal rust, minor stock dings and overall tight mechanically.


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    It's made by SKB. Top cross bar locking. Built like a tank. It's a little on the bulky/heavy side for swinging. For casual use it will last a long time. They go for around $900 to $1K used (higher grades).

    I refer to these two sites check out gun values:

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