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    i saw on ebay were a guy made holders for his indiacators, one on the z axis, one on the x axis zand oneon the tail stock. Does anyone know if there are drawings of any of these. tools on the internet?

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    No drawings that I know of, but lots of pictures all over the net. Drawings won't do you much good since there is such a wide range of lathe AND indicator designs. It's basically a "make it up to suit what you have on hand" deal. I've made holders for 1" plunger DIs (though I gave that one to the guy who bought my lathe), holders for digital calipers, and holders for Micrometer thimbles (though I've yet to acquire the actual thimble to go into it).

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    I use a Mitutoyo 4" travel, large face, dial indicator on my Hardinge tailstock for drilling depths more accurate than my tailstock dial. It's a home made rig. I am making a holder for that same dial indicator for use on my Cuttermaster as well.
    Tailstock design varies so much for all the models, it's a "Figure it out yer self" kind of thing.
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    I did an article that appeared in the Jun 2004 issue of Machinist's Workshop about an indicator holder I made for my lathe carriage travel.

    The other guys are right though -- unless you have MY lathe and MY indicator, and also like to do things exactly the way I do, you'll probably want to adapt to suit your requirements. Still, the article might give you some ideas and a point of departure.
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