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Thread: Timing pulleys and connectors

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    Question Timing pulleys and connectors

    Hi all,
    Does anyone know of a site that gives info on the production of timing pulleys.
    I think I could produce them for a lot less money than I could buy them for.

    As to the connectors for stepper motors does the amount of backlash inherent in the connector have a significant part in the overall play in the machine!! I was also thinking of making my own using Al and silicone rubber as the joining medium but wondered about having to much flexibility, so I thought I would ask the great and knowing!!


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    daft as it sounds look on the RS website at for HTD pulleys.
    I know they have a reputation for being expensive on some things but pulleys are not one of them.
    I can't make them for this price by a long way.

    Also same site, have a look at Oldham couplings, even if you make your own metal coupling at least use their torque plate.
    they do two types in various sizes, the grey or light coloured has some give and the black is backlash free depending on what you want to do with them.

    I convert rotary tables to CNC and use their torque plates but my own couplings as I incorporate the driver into the thrust bearing housing to save space.


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