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Thread: O.T. the only thing more upsetting than ---

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    Default O.T. the only thing more upsetting than ---

    The only thing more upsetting than some stupid car company creating a vehicle that parallel parks itself is knowing that some stupid people are actually going to buy the piece of crap ----- God, How out of it can you be to think that thats actually a cool thing? give me a break,

    please dear god when i cant park my car by myself and am loading my pants up with poo --- please take my life... imbeciles.... what in the living hell is this world coming too?

    Im really starting to lose faith in the Japs.

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    That 'car' has been here a couple times before. Early sixties, I believe, and before that also. Like most everything else.

    You ask what's this world coming to, living hell is probably it.

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    It's them freakin' cars by themselves, I tell ya! Horses can and will be fine.

    //people are lazy, you too, except you are just not as lazy as the next generation
    You never learn anything by doing it right.

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    Default Boomer....

    If you really want to have a scarey driving experience, come to Vancouver & we'll go for a little road trip thru R(L)ichmond & watch the people trying to parallel park the luxury cars. Guides & observers even....I've docked ships with less help. It is distressing, because they reproduce, but good for a laugh...
    Then lest do some real N. Shore downhilling...
    Agreed, the concept of a self-parking car is an old one. Didn't Honda make a 4 wheel steering car in the late '80's. Like any yuppie crap, some people will buy it, but what'll it cost to fix when it goes wrong.
    See the search for the "clicker Noise" thread. Imagine what that would cost to have a dealership go thru the wiring mess in the column to find out what is going on...? Back bill or sue the automaker for incompetent engineering, that's what should happen. Instead you have a 7 or 8 year old truck that may not be worth the repair...WTF ?
    Bikes I can fix, horses you can shoot or eat....

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    They sort of park themselves, they tested a bunch of them here and had a write up in the paper. Not like the edited version on the TV. What you should be worried about is the younger ones breeding and not having a clue about anything. Doing stuff around a house, cutting grass or putting trash in a can or bag to put out on trash day. Flushing stuff down the toilets in rentals, the one across the street from me uses the toilet for a garbage disposal. Landlord is going nuts, they couldn't get the storm window open so they broke the glass out. They guy is crying about the damage they are doing to his place and the problems they are causing.
    I told him;
    A) Its still against the law to shoot them to put them out of their miserable lives.
    B) thats what you get for renting to teen/20'somethings.
    C) Serves you right you greedy bast***, for renting an unifit 2nd floor of your house out,No kitchen. Now the city is in the process of grinding his nuts for him.
    Most are thug wannabes and are more interested in what some half wit actor/signer is doing to worry about their own lives sad, sad,
    Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
    I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
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