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Thread: I've been busy/update

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    Just plain beautiful!!!! Who in their right mind doesn't like a rod?

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    I am not a car person either but I do appreciate the work that goes into making a street rod. Very nice work.
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    Sid very nice workmanship . I see you have worked hard on this project. I would have preferred it without the flames which I find a bit overdone these days but hey man you did a nice job of them and it's your vehicle good luck and have much fun Alistair ps wish I had your tallent
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    Alistair- I would agree with you. Some flames/graphics are overdone these days. I did not do the paint. I had a very talanted guy named Jayson Baran do the paint and flames. I wanted an "old school" type flame. Something that would not look dated in two years. In my opinion, a flame job like this looked good in the '50-'60s and will look good in 5-10 years on this car.
    Cecil- the interior will most likely be fairly simple. Black pleats. The dash is black with a machined aluminum insert (by me!).
    The next major task will be the wiring. The lights, turn, brake stuff is easy. Its the fuel injection and engine managment computer that will be a challange. This car will have all the manners of a modern car, and performance of a true HotRod.
    All- Thanks for the kind words

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