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Thread: X2 Freak 18in X, 12in Y, 10in Z

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    Default X2 Freak 18in X, 12in Y, 10in Z

    I've nearly completed the modifications to my Harbor Freight Minimill.
    I have expanded the X axis to 18 inches of travel, 12 inches on the Y
    axis and 10 inches on the Z axis.
    at http://www.hossmachine.comyou can see the progress as well as free cad
    drawings and tutorials for the cnc conversion and other projects.
    Thanks Hoss

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    The "Nod" head is very, very clever Hoss!

    So you can convert the Mini-mill into an CNC surface grinder

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    Thumbs up

    Every time I see a pic of your x2 mill it puts a huge smile on my face. I just love the " Mad scientist" type work you do! Keep at it!


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    Looks pretty neat...

    What about rigidity with the extension of the head away from the column? As you probably know the deflection at the tool tip is proportional to the length cubed from the column.

    In other words, double the distance from the column and deflection for a given load will be 8 times as much (2^3 = 8).

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    radish1us Guest


    Just got to ask this, wouldn't it have been a cheaper option, to just go buy a bigger mill?

    Nice work youv'e been doing though, makes my bog standard mini mill look like just that, bog standard.

    regards radish

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    I spent about $300 to upgrade the X and Y axis.
    The only real mill with this much travel runs around $5000.
    I think I came out ahead.
    Besides, it's more fun to build than buy.
    Have to do something to keep busy and out of trouble.
    Still finishing up the rigidity issue. Added extra support to the rear of the column.
    I'll have more videos on my site when everything is solved and it's able to mill
    up to snuff.
    Later Hoss

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    Here's a link to my videos on Youtube.
    Have 20 so far.
    Also have videos on

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    Performed a bench test on the X2 Freak.
    Incremental Feedrate Test.
    .025 inch per pass
    Starting at 5 IPM and increasing by 5 IPM per pass.
    .750 Endmill @ 1200 RPM
    Nearly made it through 45 IPM.
    Have the video here.
    Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    Now I'll have a benchmark to test improvements against.
    A larger more massive tooling plate, Higher RPM, Flood coolant.
    The .050 inch per pass test only made it to 20 IPM.
    Even so, I could live with .025 at 40 IPM and have 7 times the work area of the stock X2.
    Just need make a couple extra passes to get to depth.
    Good enough for who it's for.
    Later Hoss

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    Made a couple circle pocket feedrate test videos.
    The first is .050 per pass increasing 10 IPM per pass.
    Made it to 60 IPM.(fast as it will go)
    The second is .075 per pass increasing 5 IPM per pass.
    Made it to 30 IPM before it broke through the other side.
    Both used a .500 inch HSS endmill at 2000 RPM, Climb Milling.
    Will try some more with thicker stock to test .100 and .125 per pass later.
    The extended Articulating Head is performing quite well so far.
    No problems so far.
    Think it will be a GO.
    Check out the videos here.

    Scroll to the bottom.

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    tattoomike68 Guest


    That unit rips right along. Do you build any parts other than for the machine itself? I notice some folks just like to build the machines themself and do little else.

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