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    Hello everybody .

    I've picked up a clarkson MK2 t&c grinder last week .
    Price was a little steep , but as it came with a box ful of
    different wheels , many brand new and even a diamond cup wheel , I
    decided to take it .

    The machine is in pretty good shape , only the belt and the spindle
    bearings are toasted . No big deal .

    So I was wondering : are there any more clarkson owners out there ?

    I'de like to build me a few of the more advanced attatchements as
    seen on this page
    and it would be real helpful if someone who owns it could get me a
    few pictures and some general dimensions .


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    Norman Atkinson Guest

    Default Clarkson T&C Owners

    Greetings Patrick,

    I got your E-Mail from Practical Machinist but Alistair actually raised the same sort of question to which I have replied.

    Again, I have an E-Mail about tool holders which were constructed out of square tubular steel section. The answers were in Model Engineers Workshop a few issues back. Mine were wood! Further, in another issue, details were given of how a worker graduated the feed in thousands of an inch.
    One of my friends has a Stent which is fitted with saddle stops. Of course, the Stent is a sort of mini Clarkson. This all suggests that tools are interchangeable and he has a Quorn tool holder on his Stent but one worker describes it as coming from a Brooks which appeared in MEW.
    In a more recent issue there is a set of additions to the Worden- which is a copy of the George Thomas design which is a copy of another etc etc.

    Is this complicated? Perhaps the answer is that breaking parts into simpler form, I could make a rather exotic radius attachment using a ungeared rotary table from GH Thomas's Model Engineers Workshop Manual and a small top slide.

    Again, I have tried to address more readers and I hope that you will be able to follow my thinking- and reasons


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