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Thread: Drill press....what do you think?

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    Default Drill press....what do you think?

    Hey guys? I'm looking for a heavy old drill press and am wondering about this one. Does anyone know about this machine....capacity, parts etc?
    I'm thinkin he's a weeeeee bit high on his price but don't know. What do the wisemen have to say? Thanks!
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    It's weird, but drill presses go VERY high compared to much heavier and more capable (and originally much more expensive) machines like mills and lathes. I guess it's because of the universal usefulness with various metal and wood trades/hobbies?

    But even at that, I think starting at $1k on that is very optimistic, though it looks very nice and he may well get it. I like those Buffalos and the others like them (Delta, Rockwell, Walker-Turner, etc.), but not at that price, not in my money. Also, many of those older machines don't have the grunt or low speed to spin bigger stuff. And on top of that, it will probably need a repower or transformer due to the voltage...

    Are you looking for a single 1-stop-hole-punching-platform? Or mostly for big stuff? Local guy sold a 17" Rockwell pretty much fully "restored" for $300. As I mentioned earlier, I got a US made (as opposed to junk imports under the same name) 20" Wilton VSG with 7" quill for $500. Another fellow said he picked up a "well used but still in good shape" 20" Powermatic for (I think?) $300. So the deals are out there, you just have to be looking and have cash in hand.

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    Default Buffalo 18

    The Buffalo 18 is a great heavy drill press. However, I think you could do a lot better that that one. I was looking for a heavy drill press for quite a while and I would consider $500 a "good deal" on that press. Keeping in mind that machine values vary by region and southern Ontario were I live still has a small surplus of good manual machines.
    Having read some of your posts about what you are doing I think you should hold out for a press with power feed and most of the Buffalo 18's that I have seen have not had that feature.
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    Looks like a classic conflict between "worth" and "what you can get for it".

    based ONLY on what you would have to pay to get a new drill with the same feature set, it is CLEARLY "worth" that. For $950 you barely get a DP with two bearings in the quill, new.

    But unless it is very special, I don't think you can GET that price as a rule.

    I bought an Atlas 18", which is actually very likely BETTER than that DP, and looks a lot like it, for under $200. OK, I didn't get the pulley cover....... and the table crank needed work...whatever.... the machine is 7ft tall, so the pulley is not a big problem for me, and the crank was soon fixed.

    The $950 to start is way up there. A lot to pay "for a cover and crank"...

    The Atlas has a crank up table and head. It is not clear that all the parts are there for the Buffalo, although the crank collar is there. The elevating screw MAY be there, I expanded the pic and the "pixelation" makes it hard to see, but the column looks thicker where it should be.

    That machine should drill a 1" hole in machine steel. Maybe a 1 1/8 in CI etc.

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    Default OT - Canadian/ U.S. exchange rate

    is that price conversion correct? is a U.S. dollar now worth LESS than a Canadian dollar? well i guess the govt. and big business won't have to worry about outsourcing much longer once they convert the U.S. into a third-world country.

    to my Northern friends, i must apologize for previous jokes i've made regarding how $1 U.S. was equal to a weeks wages (or there abouts) in Canada.

    andy b.

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    the Buffalo blower and forge company. that's the exact drill press press i have. I've been happy with it, solid NA iron. depends what you mean by heavy, its not the machine to plow 1.5" holes through steel. if that's what you need (i use the mill for most things over say 5/8) , something heavy may even be cheaper - the buffalo 18 fits into a lot of home shops whereas the next level up or even a small radial doesn't. I paid 200 for mine out of a high school (lightest possible use), one of those sweet heart deals.

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    I don't know if that drill press is good or not. Hard to tell with such a poor picture. I think he is dreaming with the price, but as old P. T. said, there's one born every minute.

    Just as a quick point of comparison, look at this

    I bought one for work and it is a good, 1/2", heavy drill press. Quality is good. Solid, it took three of us to stand it up after assembly. Works great. I did replace the quill stop with one of those quick adjust nuts and a piece of threaded rod to match.

    About half the price of the auction and it runs on 115 Volts, single phase so it's a lot easier to set up.
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    I have 1 of those drill presses. Mine does NOT have table raising and lowering mechanism! Losen collar and grunt while moving table up or down. Great machine. Paid $350 at auction.


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    Sorry I wouldn't pay $950 for that drill I reckon you could do better if you take your time Alistair
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    I would look for a model 22 with the cast base and round column if i were going spend a lot on drill

    or look for something like an arboga

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