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Thread: OT: Trailer Dumper

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    Quote Originally Posted by ligito
    I have a couple 12 volt Harbor Freight winches that I can use.
    A buddy had mentioned the method of running the cable underneath, through a couple of pulleys and mounting the winch in the front.
    I just wondered if this method was sound, as my buddy has Alzheimer's and I'm not too sure about his memory.

    I also don't know of a good source for conveyor belting, or if pond liner would be substantial enough.
    I think your buddy's idea is a pretty good one. I like it better then the tailgate device they make. That tailgate pivots on two points that I don't think are all that strong as they didn't need to be for the intended purpose of simply raising and lowering the tailgate. Besides that, unless your truck is nearly new, those pivot points are likely pretty well rusted through.

    My solution these days is to hire someone when I can! It takes me longer to recouperate from the muscle strains then it did years ago $20.00 to a neighborhood kid should get that gravel anywhere you want it !!
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    My trailer has a landscaper style ramp/tailgate, of my own design on it but I can remove it with 5 bolts, when I reach my destination.
    I'll have to find some used conveyor belts.
    My friend used to be able to get the salvage belts from the mill but they've changed their policy and won't let employee's take it home, now.
    They would rather throw it away and keep them out of it, altogether.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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