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    Default Ebay findings thread?

    I think a lot of us cruise ebay for machine stuff. I just found some Niagara cutters of which 9 are new and 4 used w/8hours to go and the bid is $28.00. I'm not posting it here because I think a lot of us would hate to see the forum turned into an ebay forum. Some folks might get carried away and list half the tools on ebay on seperate threads. But what if we just had one running thread, like maybe this one, where guys could post what they think some of our members would be interested in and keep them all in one thread. Therefore it wouldn't litter up the entire board. If someone did post everything on ebay at least it would be in one thread and not litter up the board with needless frivelous postings.

    A simple thread title like above would be easy to do a search on if it dropped off page 1. If you aren't interested in looking then just cruise right on by. Hopefully it wouldn't become a wasteland of crap that no one gives a hoot about. What might the general consensus be?
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