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Thread: My Dad's car

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    Default My Dad's car

    My father bought a 1951 Kaiser from the factory in Indiana. He drove it back to Seattle, and it was our family car for about three years. Our first vacation trip in it was to Banff, on roads which were then in the process of being paved.

    Did any of you have fathers who bought off-beat cars like this?
    Allan Ostling

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    Default Renault R5 "Le Car"

    Bought it from a dealership that also sold Yugo's. When we all moved from Upstate New York to Tampa Fl in 1984, he drove it all the way down by himself.

    My Mom drove it straight into a roadside ditch a few weeks later and emerged without a scratch.

    After that, the car became my Dad's again until he passed it down to me about 6 years later. I destroyed the car in a single evening through my total inability to drive stick.

    Now that I know about the 300 HP, Renault R5 Turbo, I respect that little car and the Renault company a whole lot more.

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    My Dad had a '51 Nash Rambler station wagon (bathtub!) and later a '55 Packard Clipper. He said that Packard was the best car he ever owned. Packard ads tagline was "Ask the man who owns one."

    Unfortunately, early in my driving career I ran a stop sign and a lady in a '66 6 cyl. Chevelle T-boned it on the passenger side. Her car collapsed to about half it's original length and stopped dead in the street. That 'ol Packard bucked & groaned, rolled up on the driver's side and scraped along for a bit before hitting the curb and finishing a complete roll. It ended up back on all 4 tires in a lady's front yard. I started it up and drove it out of the yard before the lady inside saw me.

    Broke my Pappy's heart.;(

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    There wasn't anything offbeat about a Kaiser, I had an uncle who sold them.

    My father owned a couple of Hudsons, but the first car he purchased after the war was a Crosley station wagon. The Crosley was used and was an ex local part time police car. The previous owner had a roll up sign with a badge he hung on the side when he was on duty.

    My cousin owned several Studebakers, and I had a '53 myself for a while. Mine had a hemi in it though.
    Jim H.

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    Dad's first car was a 1937 Chevvy business coupe. My first two were Studebakers: a 1957 Commander(?)and a 1960 Lark--4 on the column and Over drive. Fine sturdy machines in my opinion.

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    My dad had a Grahm Paige when I was a little tyke. I'm sure it was
    a used car when he bought it. Lets see---- I must have been about
    7 or 8 would have made it about 39 or 40 ,before the war at least.

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    Dad bought a 57 DeSotso new. Smoked badly, took it back a week later, garage closed and Desoto out of business. It had a HEMI also.
    mark costello-Low speed steel

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    Default Studebaker Larks.....

    Wow, nice to hear older guys talking about the Lark....I have a customer who collects them. Has 3 that I've seen.....iirc, they were a Studebaker attempt at a sporty-ish car ala Corvette and T Bird.....Didn't save Studebaker as a company though....
    Then there was the Nash Metropolitan from the same era......"smart car" or "clown car" you be the Judge....

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    My pa bought a Corvair once. He wanted a nice car to drive back home on vacation. A guy at the gas station told him it was the only one he'd every seen with a clean back bumper. They all through oil and soot. The guy told my dad it was a bad omen. The engine blew up before they got to Ohio from California!

    Nicest car I can remember being in our drive was a 1958 Cadillac DeVille in Aztog Green with White rag top. What a sweet ride. Dad got it 1964 and it was the first car I ever drove. Would give my eyeteeth for one now!
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    my dad had a 53 pontiac with stright 8. it was the first car i helped change the motor in. we got the short block from sears.

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