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Thread: Made my first chips! Phew!

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    Post Made my first chips! Phew!

    Busy day. Guy came by to buy my Shoptask Eldorado-Quadralift 3n1 this morning. Got him loaded up with help from my engine hoist. Then finally wired up my Sharp HMV mill to my 3ph converter. It ran nice and quiet - what a relief, I never got to hear it run at the auction so it was a gamble!
    It was quite weak though, and the motor stalled below 1200 rpm or so on the dial.
    Lightbulb went off in my noggin - yes, it was wired for 440v! A quick rewire and - beautiful! Made my first chips with it, lovely!
    Apart from the dead DRO and the dead Servo, not a bad experience.

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    Great feeling isn't it...

    I've had the same busy days last month when I upgraded from a mini-mill and mini-lathe to bigger equipment. Now I feel like a 6yr old at toys-r-us every time I walk into the garage.

    Glad to hear it worked out for you.


    Larry "NgtCrwlr" Mingus

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    Congrats, sure is great when those gambles pay off! Good luck with the DRO and servo.

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